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A modern lifestyle brand with a focus on furniture and interiors, VELA will both curate - and create - inspiration pieces to transform people’s homes and lives. Born from an appreciation of creative minds, we’re inspired by design and creativity in all forms. We celebrate design, creativity and the story behind the product.


Cultivating a design driven demographic

VELA represents both a mindset and a physical space for the design-driven demographic, offering local and international visitors a space to experience some of the most interesting physical designs and creations from around the world.


A celebration of creative minds

Working with both local Australian creatives, and global profiles from the architecture, fashion, interior, jewellery and art world - to create unique physical items that draw on their own inspiration, background, travel experience and personal ideas.


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Furniture and life accessories for the curious, design-conscious, and those hungry for something distinctly different

Sourcing materials and products from authentic and ethical origins is everything for VELA. Our team appreciates the environment when making a product, applying this thinking from the materials, to design and into the manufacturing and packaging of each of product.

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