Design Savy Christmas Gifts

Design Savy Christmas Gifts
Collette Dinningan

Collette Dinnigan Bois De Citronnies Scented Candle

Collette Dinnigan's limited edition candle (only very small quantities made).New scent is “Bois de Citronnier”Follows on from Collette’s previous scent of ‘Paris Figue’ Manufactured in Grass, France. 

Profile Bottle Opener

Honest and premium materials combine to create a satisfying bottle opening experience. The silky surface and substantial weight of polished Carrara marble feel incredible in the hand and the rich anodized brass and silver frame form a durable structure that will open bottles for years to come. 

Balance Lamp

The fixed impossible position of the orbs is an expression of the fragility of existents. All entities move and nothing remains still. Balance is a play with the concept of time – everything is in motion. 

Marble Dumbell

The Marble Dumbell is the most stylish of all Gym accessories. They are also perfect for use as a paper weight or functional sculpture in the home or studio. 

Benjamin Throw by Slowdown Studio

The Benjamin Throw was designed by UK illustrator Tom Abbiss Smith. The art features Tom's signature style of collaged shapes and pattern in a perfect peachy-hued color palette.

Tri-Cut Vase by Llot Llov

With its geometric and austere shapes the three vases are a sculptural counterpart to the bouquet of flowers they hold. The slim hip keeps the posy together, while the stems have space and water. 

Linen Bath Robe by In The Sac

The In The Sac Robe is designed in Australia and made from a jacquard linen which is grown, woven and sewn in Europe. 

Woodie Wireless Charger Guatemala Marble

Woodie is a unique all-in-one Power Hub that combines the most common power solutions such as AC sockets and USB ports with the newest Wireless Charging technology which allows you to charge your smartphones free of cables. 

Rondo Mirror

The RONDO mirror is made of stainless steel polished to high gloss. It is produced in two sizes with the diameter of 75 and 120 cm.

Palate Serving Tray

Palate is the perfect backdrop for serving a delicious spread. Crafted from waterjet cut Carrara marble and CNC carved American walnut, Palate elegantly fuses function with luxury. 

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