Meet the Designer - Vincent Buret

Meet the Designer - Vincent Buret

When France meet Australia

 Who’s behind the Lot keys Sofa? 


We had a quick meeting with the designer.  First interview of a long series to come …

Vincent Buret is a Sydney-based designer focused on communicating ideas through form and material with simplicity and poetic expression. Vincent’s work nods to minimalist aesthetics, simplicity in shapes, new technologies and durability. With a Dual French/Australian nationality, Vincent has spent exactly 16 years in each country.





Interview Questions for Vincent Buret

1-Tell us a little bit about how you got started in design and your design ethos.

I am obsessed about making everything and anything that surrounds me. This may be due to the fact that I am often bored about what is on the market and love to rethink the function and aesthetics of objects in our everyday life. This last month I have worked on a custom motorcycle, a fireplace, a few tables and a barbecue.      I am not sure if my design falls into any category. The words that comes to mind about my work are: simplicity, geometrical, modern, raw materials (usually copper, brass, steel, concrete, eco-ply…), locally-made, artisans.


2- What was the initial idea that lead to the design of the Lost Keys Sofa?

A sketch drawn 6 years ago! It actually remained a sketch for quite some time as I didn’t t had the resources to prototype it then.

I want(ed) a simple steel structure that elevates an abundant and comfortable seating. A design piece that allies aesthetics and functionality: an elegant but inviting sofa.

It took me 2 years of prototyping to get this sofa flawless. It is made in Sydney by 2 artisans: An efficient welder for the structure and a high-end upholsterer.

3- What excites you about Australian design right now?

A lot! It is surprising that such a small population can have so many design and art talents who keep bringing new insights into the design process and thinking. I particularly admire the ‘design for life’ philosophy which is originally inspired by Australian modernist designer Grant Featherstone in the 50s that prioritises human need and social good over profit-driven consumerism.’  

4- What appeals to you about selling your work with a store like is presenting some of my favorite designers and artists from Australia. I am so impressed with the curating of the showroom and the online communication and am proud to have my pieces part of it.

I might also have felt a connection with the way VELA.LIFE sails: I spent all my teenage years on a centennial 3 mats goelette.


5- What’s next on the horizon?

I always have a few new projects in the making. I just finished a few large light projects for a house in New-Zealand and a Restaurant in New York and am now in the early stage of designing a new outdoor solar light and I am launching a conical shaped Barbecue that can regulate the wood fire heat.




The purpose of the Lost Keys Couch is to have a minimalist structure supporting an abundant seating area – The light structure gives the impression that the couch is floating while the velvet fabric intensifies its presence in the space. The metal structure and upholstered seating area are unified through their shared geometric language. Made in Sydney by hands.



Here, a sitting selection just for you.




Torso Chair 

Spade chair

Chippensteel Chair 




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