The Last Luxury Gift Guide You’ll Ever Need - Ethical, Sustainable, Beautiful

The Last Luxury Gift Guide You’ll Ever Need - Ethical, Sustainable, Beautiful

Australian artists and designers, ethical fashion, and modern home decor.

By Liv Steigrad for VELA.Life
We all have those people in our lives. The people with discerning tastes, who know exactly what they like. It should make them easier to shop for because you know what to look for, but those people are often end up being the hardest to shop for because you want to get it exactly right. We’ve compiled an ethical gift guide for you that should cover everyone on your list. With a mixture of modern home decor, ethical fashion, and uniquely Australian, ethical gifts, your search is finally over.
Hard to buy for? Not anymore.

The Naturalist

The Naturalist loves the finer things in life, but only when they don’t cost the planet. They delight in handmade products and like to know where everything was sourced and made. Here’s our shortlist of sustainable and ethical gifts for the luxury-loving environmentalist in your life.

The Finer Things

Easy on the eye, soft on the skin, and gentle on the environment. The IN THE SAC Linen Bath Towels are designed in Australia and grown, woven, and sewn in Europe. Constructed from a fine jacquard, the lightweight towels are super absorbent and perfect for use at home, at the beach, and can easily be packed and taken to the gym or on a trip. The towels come in a range of 8 earthy tones, including mocha, charcoal, azure, musk, and white.
Price: $139.95

Handmade Homewares

Ethical, handmade, Australian gifts can be hard to find, so when it’s time to buy for that special person, look no further than the Den Holm Studio. The Den Holm Bob Planter is hand-carved in their Melbourne workshop. Each one is unique, depending on the individual sculptor and how they’ve interacted with the nature of the stone. A stunning piece of modern home decor.
Price: $944

Bringing The Himalayas Home

For the person who loves modern art and ethical fashion, who spends hours browsing modern home decor online searching for that unique, sustainable something. The Diamond Rug by Florin Pretet ticks every single box. Florian Pretet’s artworks are precisely replicated onto luxurious Tibetan wool rugs then hand-knotted using an age-old technique in the Himalayas. The final result? A totally customised, sustainable, resilient piece of art that’ll brighten up any room - and also keep the space warm.
Note: These rugs are handmade to your specific sizing, and require 12-16 weeks notice.
Price: $14, 795

The Trendsetter

The Trendsetter in your life loves to express themselves through fashion. Forever stylish, they love good quality items and talk about the names in their wardrobe like it’s a list of their best friends.

Keep Things Fresh

Shoes might be the last thing you put on, but they’re often the star of the show. Help your loved one get more use out of their kicks while keeping them looking immaculately new. The Sneaker Cleaning Kit by Men’s Society comes with double-sided wipes: a smooth side to brush away dirt and dust, and a rough side to get at the tougher marks without damaging the details or colour of the shoes.
Price: $26.95

An Eye For Detail

The Trendsetter will never leave the house without considering every component of their outfit. The Otto sunglasses by Morà Busoli are the perfect finishing touch. The timeless round frames in the warm ochre marble and jet black are neutral enough to wear with anything and impactful enough to always make a statement. All Morà Busoli sunglasses are made from marble that’s carefully selected to contain all the unique veins and textures visible in the larger pieces. The mineral is then painstakingly hand-crafted down to a single, unique pair of sunglasses. So good you’ll want a pair for yourself too.
Price: $3400

Who’s The Fairest?

Outfits this good deserve to be appreciated - even by the person wearing them! If you’re stuck wondering what to buy for the person who’s wardrobe has it all, the Large Hex Transience Mirror complements any wardrobe. The piece itself is a fashion statement for any room and will give your loved one the perfect opportunity to admire themselves before they head out. The geometric shape and tri-colour design make it unique without detracting from its functionality as a mirror. The colours are created by manipulating the oxidation process. Any fashion lover who appreciates good craftsmanship and the technology behind creating beautiful things will adore this mirror.
Price: $4800

The Yogi

The Yogi loves to get down with a downward dog and is all about small, simple rituals that make them feel good. What do you buy for the person who believes they truly have it all - as long as they have their health?

Stretch It Out

Whether your loved one prefers to hit the gym or move through their vinyasas at home, their sessions will become that much more enjoyable with their own PRAIA Yoga Mat and Blocks. The mat offers comfort and grip, perfect even for those sweat-dripping heated yoga sessions, and come with a pair of cotton carrying straps for easy transportation. The cork mat and blocks are the perfect combination of sustainable and practical, made from natural rubber and a layer of sustainable cork. The rubber itself is organic and hand-harvested in a way that doesn’t damage the trees themselves. Why not complete the kit with a pair of stunning Carrara Marble Dumbbells. They can be used to ramp up a workout - or even as a paperweight or piece of art!
Price: PRAIA Yoga Blocks: $39.95 each
PRAIA Yoga Mat: $89.95
Carrara Marble DumbBells: $94.95

Luxury Aftercare

Give the fitness lover in your life the experience of luxurious aftercare with an IN THE SAC Linen Bathrobe. Healthcare and fitness are rituals that ground us, take our mind away from the million and one things, and draw our awareness back down to our bodies. What could be better than wrapping yourself in super soft linen after a yoga class, time in the sauna - or even just at home? The pre-shrunk bathrobes are made from super-absorbent jacquard linen, Australian-designed, and the linen itself is grown, woven, and sewn in Europe.
Available in a choice of 8 earthy colours.
Price: $189.95

Take It Outside

For the person who loves both nature and style. High fashion meets the great outdoors in the Surf Style Marble Surfboard. The collection is a collaboration between Haydenshapes’ innovative, premium design, and Alexander Wang’s high fashion aesthetic. The result? A surfboard that’s as functional as it is beautiful. Each surfboard features a seamless, lightweight silk inlay, and uses Haydenshape’s signature FutureFlex parabolic carbon fibre rail.
Available in 4 variations, with a glassy polish.
Price: $2500

The Gourmand

The Gourmand delights in quality food and drink and equally relishes eating out and entertaining at home. They believe presentation is an important part of experiencing any meal, and love to lose themselves in fine flavours.

A Lifetime Of Sips

Shopping for the person who truly, madly, deeply appreciates their alcohol. You could buy them a bottle of something special. Or, you could gift them a kit that’ll deepen their appreciation, and that they can take out and use every time they indulge in their favourite drink. 
Men’s Society offers stylishly presented Gin and Whiskey Tasting Kits. The Gin Kit includes two G&T glasses with stirrers and coasters, a tasting notes notebook and pencil, and the perfect complementary botanicals to bring out the best in any gin: juniper berries, star anise, and hibiscus flowers.
The Whiskey Lover Kit comes with tumblers, coasters, tasting notebook and bookmark, and 6 striking black whiskey stones in cloth bags: everything your whiskey lover needs to savour the depth of flavours in any whiskey.
Price: $69.96 each.

Art Deco Flair

Your loved one will love showing off their new DELANO & MIAMI Bottle Opener. With architectural details and lightly brushed bronze finishes, it’s equally stunning as a display piece. The Art Deco design is a throwback to the glamorous 1930s, and although it’s definitely not 80 years old, the solid bronze construction means it’ll probably last that long.
Price: $98.95

Edible Art

The Palate Serving Tray’s marriage of beauty and function will delight the avid entertainer. The minimal design and high-quality materials are designer Andrew Perkins’ signature, and the Palate Tray does not disappoint. The waterjet cut Carrara marble and CNC carved American walnut handles create the perfect backdrop for charcuterie boards, cheese platters and antipasti, or sushi. The marble itself is sealed and can easily be wiped clean once the guests have left.
Price: 219.95 

The Homemaker

The Homemaker knows that the home is a sanctuary, a medium for self-expression, and an opportunity to appreciate how the line between art and homewares has blurred. Thoughtful gifts with excellent craftsmanship are the way to make them smile.

The Subtle Sense

The homemaker knows that when it comes to creating a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere, it’s important to attend to every sense: including scent. The Synergy Oil Diffuser is the perfect gift to add that aromatic finishing touch to any room. The minimalist design will mesh easily with the decor of any room and comes in a soft pink or a neutral grey, plus an on-trend copper dish and tea light holder. The gift comes complete with essential oil and an Australian beeswax candle, so it’s ready to use straight out of the box.
Price: $103.95

A Glowing Idea

For your loved one who thinks deeply and sees clearly. The BALANCE Lamp by Victor Castanera is a glowing optical illusion that represents the continuous motion of time. Frosted and metal orbs counterbalance each other in a sophisticated, sculptural design. The piece provides bragging rights as well as illumination, winning first place in the lighting category for Spanish magazine Fuera de Serie.
Available in glossy black marble or plated brass.
Price: $2600

Starry Night

Gift the warmth and wonder of a clear, starry night with the exceptional Elisse rug by Florian Pretet. The design draws on 15th-century celestial maps and the night sky, depicted in bright, warm tones. This statement piece of decor is a work of art, sure to be the pride of any room and adored by any avid interior decorator.
Price: $14, 880

The Creative 

The Creative is sensitive to the impact art has, and wants to fill their spaces with unique pieces. They love to delve into the story behind each piece, and will often lose themselves in the details.

In Every Corner A Discovery

The Maverick, by Australian artist Joel Cunningham, is a curious assemblage of shapes which speak volumes. Raw yet refined, the piece brings Tribal and Cubist influences together to create a unique, luminous piece sure to delight any art collector.
Price: $1700

A Natural Abstraction 

Flowers are nice, but what do you do when you want to give a gift with a little more impact? Presenting: Poppy by Alexander McQueen, brought to you by The Rug Company. This wall hanging depicts a warm mauve floral bloom, dramatically magnified almost to the point of abstraction. The woollen strands are finely woven in the Aubusson tradition and will give a lifetime of enjoyment to the lucky recipient.
Price: $6200

Riotous Emotion 

Give the gift of colour this season. Coloured Cloud by Joel Cunningham is a vibrant expression of emotion that would bring joy and energy to any room. The mixed media artwork is on high-quality Stonehenge paper and is mounted on an acid-free mount board.  The work has already been framed and is ready to hang. You could wrap it up, but this artwork is the gift that begs to be seen. 
Price: $9699

Happy Holidays! 

So there you have it. A comprehensive gift guide for those ‘hard to buy for’ family and friends. From the one who has it all, to the one who wants it all, and everything in between. Your holiday season shopping just got a whole lot easier - just try to not buy them all for yourself instead!

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