Vela - Latin, “to sail”

Explorers of the new, purveyors of the beautiful; we bring you our curation of exceptional lifestyle pieces, crafted to enhance your unique journey.

Curated for your lifestyle

Gazing out onto a tranquil ocean, sinking into a supple leather sofa, ambient music flowing through sculpted wooden speakers...

Laughing with close friends over a delicious meal, gilded tableware glinting, sipping cool liquid from crystal-cut glass…

Objects enhance our experience, that’s why our international designer-makers put their heart into crafting high-quality pieces just for you.


Honourable design, sensibly produced

Our products are developed in collaboration with the world’s leading designers and artisans. You’ll feel safe in the knowledge that every one of our hand-selected items aligns with our core values and is ethically manufactured from sustainable materials.


Excellent quality, timeless style

What could be better than receiving a forever gift from your loved one? 

Our selection has been carefully crafted to stand the test of time, enjoyed by generations, and loved for a lifetime., designed for the journey